Budget Galvanised Shelving System



  • Description

Please note: the price shown is per bay, the above picture is showing how 2 bays are clipped together, making a run of shelving.

Idea 5 is a bolt free, all steel shelving system, offering a cost effective way to solve any storage problem.

The hard wearing pre-galvanised steel enables the system to be used in demanding environments whilst giving the system a modern and bright look and feel.

With only two components – upright and shelf, the IDEA 5 design has eliminated the need for nuts, bolts or clips meaning bays can be erected quickly and without fuss. The unique connection between the upright and shelf provides incredible stability, whilst offering uninterrupted access from all sides of the bay.

IDEA 5 has a wide range of sizes so you can easily space plan awkward spaces to get the maximum storage capacity.

  • No clips or bracing
  • Unique interlocking uprights
  • Assemble in minutes Tough hardwearing finish
  • Wide range of sizes