Quick Shelving Guide


How to find the best storage solution

The storage environment.

In most businesses there is generally a need to store something, from paper to pallets. We have tried to make selecting the right system simple and easy. With simple icons to make a quick selection and then more detailed product information at the beginning of each product section.

We use simple application icons that will quickly indicate the environment the system is most suitable for. This may be a warehouse or an office and it can be found in the shelving guide opposite or at the beginning of each product section as well as at the margin of each page.

What exactly do you need to store?

For most workplaces there is generally a wide variety of products that come in a wide range of sizes and weights. It is important to have a clear specification of the weight of shelving required.

From this information you will be able to establish the shelf and total bay capacity needed, the overall size of the shelf required to store the various items. We have created a range of icons at the start of each product section which show the shelf and bay loadings.

Capacities stated under the icons are the maximum uniformly distributed loads (UDL) for that particular shelving system. The total bay load is dependent on several factors such as shelf pitch (distance between levels), height of the first shelf and actual size of the shelves. The prefix '~' means 'up to', but so would the capacities without this prefix.

The meaning of the colours: Light Duty / Medium Duty / Heavy Duty

These small target icons appear under some images, in pricelists and support graphics. They link the pictured product with its actual size in the pricelist.

Find your solutions.

Once the type and dimensions of the items have been established this will then highlight that you may have a mix of different needs required from your storage solution.

You may find you have a variety of requirements such as small items, loose parts, heavy boxes, long or awkward goods. From here the overall dimensions of the bay can be established and we clearly show this information within the shelving guide on page 4 and also at the beginning of each product section.

We can supply the complete solution to your storage requirements as well as provide expert guidance, advice and support.