Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving



  • Description

Our Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving, Z Rivet offers incredible strength with a shelf height / thickness of only 58mm. The adjustable shelving system requires only a hammer, to assemble. There are no nuts and bolts to the shelving system and the bay need no cross bracing, therefore allowing all four sides access to picking.

Being a modular shelving system, means you can add extra bays as you expand, so as you grow as a business, so can your storage requirements.

The shelving system available to buy on line, comes from stock, so we can offer a rapid delivery.

  • 5 adjustable tiers / storage levels per bay
  • New Z beam profile offering capacities up to 300kgs
  • Increased storage capacity by lower beam height
  • Versatile and flexible system
  • Easy to build and reconfigure
  • Cost effective storage solution