Chrome Wire Shelving Bays



  • Description

Our chrome wire shelving system, offers a simple to build and stylish storage solutions.

Ideal for laundry areas, IT server rooms, NHS Linen & Medical storage areas, Catering and Retail rooms.

The chrome wire shelving construction, makes them a strong and sturdy storage solution, allowing you to load up to 300kg on the chrome wire shelves.

Being a modular shelving system, means you can add extra chrome wire shelving bays as you expand, so as you grow as a business, so can your storage.

The chrome wire shelving kits, come in kit form with,

  • 4 adjustable storage levels per bay
  • Nickel chrome finish
  • Simply slots together 
  • Shelf loads up to 300kgs UDL
  • Shelf pitch every 25mm
  • Optional castors for mobile units
  • No interfering uprights in corner
  • 25mm diameter posts.

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